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The Texas A&M University Apiculture program focuses on research and teaching regarding honey bee biology and management.  Our research interests revolve around the behavioral ecology of honey bee colonies, as well as pollination and beekeeping practices.  

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Summer Clinic June 7, 2014

Janice & John Thomas Honey Bee Lab - Texas A&M Riverside Campus,3100 State Highway 47, Bryan, TX 77807 - 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Hosted by Dr. Juliana Rangel, Assistant Professor of Apiculture with Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association and Montgomery County Beekeepers Association.

      Cost: $25 Adults, $10 Children (includes catered lunch)
       Bring a chair to sit on and bottled water for comfort

       Featured Speakers:

       Dr. Juliana Rangel and staff, Current Research
       Professor Vaughn Bryant, Pollen
       Mark Dykes, TAIS Update
       Becky Bender, Beescapes and Flowers
       Lance Wilson, Varroa
       Dean Cook, Top Bar Hives
       ET Ash, Honey Extraction
       Bill Baxter, hands on with bees (bring your bee suit and veil to participate)
       Hayden Wolf, Do's and Don'ts of teaching the public about honey bees

       And Tours of the Honey Bee Lab

Please RSVP to Jimmie Oakley atjimmie.oakley@gmail.com by May 31st., 2014 to allow for food ordering, preparation and set-up.


Aggie Honey Sold Out Until Further Notice

We have officially SOLD OUT the Aggie Honey until further notice.  Thank you ALL for making this such a successful endeavor!!! I will let you know if and when we get some more bottled!

Aggie Honey Sales Successful!

The new Aggie Honey was launched at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Tailgate on 19 October 2013.  The initiative has been very well received,

Our honey is produced at the John G. Thomas Honey Bee Facility Research Apiary on TAMU's Riverside Campus, an all proceeds from its sales go toward funding our ongoing research program.  For more information on the new initiative, visit: http://today.agrilife.org/2013/10/17/aggie-honey-makes-its-debut/

Thank you very much to all who have purchased honey and made this a very successful initiative. Go get your honey and go gig'em!!

Winner of Honey Label Contest Announced

In August 2013 the Honey Bee Research Program held a contest to design the logo for the new Aggie Honey™.  We extended the invitation to the entire TAMU community and the response was very positive.  We received a total of 21 entries, all very creative and beautiful.  We wanted to thank those who participated by sharing their entries on our website (below, in alphabetical order).  The winner of this year’s contest was Ms. Madison Suhr, an undergraduate student in the Visualizations Department.  Congratulations to Madison, and thank you ALL who participated in this successful event!! Click to see the larger image.

Honey Bee Label