Bee Safety Quick Guide

stacks_image_14_1Seek Immediate Medical Attention If:

  • Breathing is difficult,
  • Stung many times,
  • Allergic to bee stings.
stacks_image_17_1What To Do While Being Stung:
  1. Get away from bees as quickly as you can.
  2. Protect your face and eyes as much as possible.
  3. Go to a safe, enclosed space like a house, car, or truck, where bees from outside can’t get inside with you.

Sting First Aid:
Contact your physician for help and answers.
Venom is injected quickly (less than 1 min). Pull or scrape stings from skin being careful not to apply pressure on the sting causing venom injection. Once all stingers have been removed clean the area like any other wound to prevent infection. Apply ice to relieve pain and swelling. Seek immediate medical attention if necessary. If an infection develops and/or swelling is persistent, seek medical attention.